Our Wedding Date: September 26, 2015

Our Engagement

  • 09/02/14

    Our Home

    My life would forever change on 8/2/14 

    We started the day off with a trip to Jarryds hometown of Beaumont TX. Our plans were to double date with Jarryds uncle and aunt, to l'auberge casino for a day trip to the Buffet. After getting "Fat Full" and Jarryd trying his Luck on the tables. We headed back to Houston. When we pulled up to the house I remember Jarryd asking me "did you have fun with my family today?" I replied of course I did!, I always do. We settled in...I was upstairs watching one of my tv shows, meanwhile Jarryd keep calling my name to come downstairs after the 3rd time. I finally came downstairs I walked into the kitchen, and when my back was turned he got down on one knee. I turned around and asked "what are you doing on the ground?" Lol he pulled out a lil black box and asked me "will you be part of my family? Will you marry me?" Of course y'all know what I said "YES!"

    Added by Savannah on Thu, May 21st 2015